Jean-Pierre Perreault

Alternate Visions


Jean-Pierre Perreault, the creator of Joe, was an artist whose innovative choreography – inseparable from his set design and visual artistry – left an indelible mark on dance from the early 1970s onwards. This book traces his creative trajectory and delineates his continuous dialogue whith dance, drawing, painting, and set design. The varied perspectives of the authors (M. Febvre, L. Lacroix, P. Ouellet, T. Saint-Gelais) intersect with and complement the words of the choreographer himself, shedding a striking new light on Perreault’s œuvre.


Michèle Febvre, director
Pierre Ouellet, Laurier Lacroix, Thérèse Saint-Gelais
Jean-Pierre Perreault : Alternate Visions
Many photographs in black and in colour


2001 — 144 pages — 22 x 28 cm
ISBN 978-2-922265-16-3 (papier)  39,95 $


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